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The 4 Steps You Must Take When Preparing For An Interview

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The following 4 steps are the best way to prepare if you want to ace your next BA interview.

1. Research Your Resume

It’s your resume, why would you need to research it?

Every word on your resume is open for discussion. You have no idea what the interviewer might ask you about. If you’ve been working for several years, it’s possible that they may go back and ask you about something you did at your first BA job. Look at your resume right now. For the oldest job on there, can you confidently answer questions about every skill, task, project, etc. that you have on your resume?

For example, if you have on there that you performed database queries to mine data for analysis of existing systems, but have not used that skill since that time, can you speak in detail about that? Would you be able to explain the type of queries you did? If they said “what type of query would you run if you wanted to find customers from 2019 that lived on Virginia that purchased more than one type of software from us?”, could you answer that question?

You must be prepared to discuss ANYTHING on your resume - it’s all up for grabs.

2. Examples

Be prepared to give very specific examples that back up what you said you can do. Telling someone “Yes, I’ve done that in the past” or Absolutely, I can do that. I do it regularly in my current position” is not going to convince them.

That’s just words. Help them see an actual picture in their mind of you performing that task.

3. Success Stories

Prepare your success stories. The way to guarantee failure in an interview is to go in without specific stories that will show them you are the right person for the position.

You should have stories from past experience that showcase your talents, your personality, your leadership skills, and your communication skills - at a minimum.

These success stories need to be specific but you also need to be able to use them for different situations because you have no idea what they are going to ask you about in the interview.

4. Feel Your Answers

What does that mean? Feel your answers means you must believe your answers. You can’t just make something up and say it.

Your conviction in the answer - or lack of - is going to show no matter how much you practice saying it. If you are saying something that is incongruent with your internal self, it will show.

The interviewer is going to think “something about that answer doesn’t feel right”.

They may not be able to put their finger on it, but something will feel “off”.

The interviewer will be focused on that feeling and one of 3 things will


1. They will end the interview early.

2. They will continue the interview, but not be fully focused because they are stuck thinking about that answer that seemed off so they won’t be as engaged.

3. They will finish the interview and mark you off the list as soon as it’s over.

Any of these 3 scenarios will put you at the end of the line. And by end, I mean anywhere that is 2nd place to last place. Only the person in first place gets the offer.

You now have the top 4 steps you need to take when preparing for an interview. There are many aspects of a successful job interview, but if you implement these 4 steps as part of your Custom Interview Process, your chances of success will increase dramatically!

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Teresa Bennett is a Business Analyst Performance Improvement Expert who has interviewed candidates for multiple Fortune 500 companies. In her newly released book, Successful BA Interviews Guide, Teresa reveals her formula for interview success that will hep you ace your interviews and have job offers that seem to effortlessly fall in your lap.

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