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Requirements Analysis Exercise: Invite to the Zoo

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Let's have a little fun...

You are invited to visit the zoo

But before you can come there are things we must do:

We must lock up the lions, tigers, and bears

And blindfold the monkeys to limit their stares

For the zoo should be fun – not a dangerous place I

f the lemurs get loose, there will for sure be a chase

We wouldn't want that – oh no, not at all Running too fast can cause you to fall

Therefore, we ask for some precautions and such We’ll do our part - but not do too much

We’ve posted the signs where there is a need…

so It is not our mistake if you choose not to read

Here’s a good sample of what we suggest

Warnings we hope you will not venture to test:

Don’t feed the crocodiles or talk to the seals

Don’t look at the snakes, lizards or eels

Don’t stomp like the elephants or stretch like girafes

That will cause the spotted hyenas to laugh

If that begins things will surely get wild

Pandas will flip and the sloths will get riled

Turtles will scurry and peacocks will quack

Breaking these rules will force us to act

Here’s an example of what we may do In response to the trouble you cause at the zoo:

If you bother a zebra by pulling its tail

or bounce off a walrus, we’ll bring you to jail

If you pester a badger or whoop like a crane

We’ll sign a petition that says you’re insane

If you insult the gorillas or rattle their cage

You’re likely to see zookeepers fly into a rage

They'll grab you, throw you, and wring your small neck

When they get through, you’ll feel like a wreck

A day at the zoo is a wonderful time

If you stick to the rules and don’t behave like a slime

Admission is free for only one day

Except for on Mondays, then you must pay

When you come through the gates,

we want you to smile Knowing your visit was somewhat worthwhile

  • Determine business initiative

  • Apply routine analysis

  • Document the requirement if standards are met: Necessary | Verifiable | Attainable

Business Initiative

  • Stakeholder

  • Request/Statement/Declaration/Desire/Business

  • Problem


  • Requirement/Business Rule/Use Case Element

  • (Pre Condition, Assumption, Trigger, Post Condition), Business Solution, Junk

You are invited to visit the zoo

REQ1: Invitation

• Delivery? Digital, print, direct mail, all of the above?

• Design/format – formal vs casual?

• Content?

• Distribution?

Pre-conditions to be satisfied:

  • REQ2 Lions: All lions secured by cage or habitat

  • REQ3 Tigers: All tigers secured by cage or habitat

  • REQ4 Bears: All bears secured by cage or habitat

What other requirements do you see here? What's missing?

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